Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii

Due to the earthquake in Japan 11/03/2011 Tsunami waves are expected in 19 different countries included New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii in next few hours.
Watch video of earthquake in Japan 11/03/2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Apple announced iPad2 with Amazing Features.

Two Cameras, HD Video recording, double substance A5 Chip

Lighter and Thinner and Full of New Things
It is very lighter and thinner its look most comfortable in your hand. It is 15 percent lighter and 33 percent thinner. You can watch moving pictures, playing games, reading books and suffering on the web and do much more fun.
Double Core A5 Chip
It has a dual core A5 chip its means it can do more than one job at a time. Speed up outgrowth and save your time.
Superb Graphics for Gamers
It has nine times better computer graphics functioning. Straight off game course more smoothly and in a comfortable way.
Impressive Electric battery life sentence
It has 10 hour battery life its means you can carry it anywhere you like it’s amazing.
Big hello Face and Two Cameras
It has two cameras that are the use in voice calling with your front. One camera facing and display your picture and other is in back its use to share your environment where you are and who you are with. When you roll to switch back camera you can shoot HD pictures, and you can take your pictures in photo booth.
Amazing and beautiful view on Screen
It has a very big and telling -- 9.7 in of the high resolution's video display screen which makes pictures, exposures, web pages and books singular beautiful.
 Everything you can do with your Fingers
It has very amazing technology. It has multi touch screen, and you can do almost everything with your fingers. With your fingers, you can swipe photographs, web surfing, writing books it’s genuinely so much fun.
No doubt the previous Ipad is too very good but the ipad2 bring us real awe inspiring and new characteristics, which make our living so much easy. For more details about ipad2 features click here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to do use Google Trend for your Keyword Research

Today, anyone knows the importance of search engines, and Google is one of the most popular search engines in internet World. Anyone uses Google but most of them does not hear the term of Google Trend one of the most important tools for Keyword Research.

As you know, for increasing the visibility of your websites or blog in search engines, you need to furnish your websites with Keywords and Google Trend is a tool that helps you to find these Keywords for your website.

Let's take an example for understanding how to use Google Trend for Keyword Research. Open Google Trend in your browser and sign in with your account. In Google Trend page, you will see a search box, type these keywords Nintendo, Xbox360, Playstation3 in the text box and then hit the button trend. Then you will get results like this Nintendo--1 .00, Xbox3600--0.18, Playstation3--0 .02.

So what is the meaning of Nintendo—1.00, Xbox360—0.18, Playstation3—0.02? Its mean values for every 100 searches of Nintendo, there are 0.18 searches for xbox360 and 0.2 searches for Playstation3. In the end of page, you will see the terms' Regions, Cities, Languages, these terms tell you how the keywords are popular in different regions and cities and in which language keyword is used most.

By clicking the specific region you will get the farther consequence related to a region. Furthermore, you can filter your result in terms of country or years. If your business in united kingdom and need to discover the fashion in united kingdom you can change results by altering All regions to United Kingdom from a drop down list.

Google trend is a really powerful tool for your business. It aids to make analytic thinking for your business. Webmasters or bloggers to get the benefit from Google Trend, It assists to make posts in your blog.

The most different characteristic of Google Trend

As you know, the importance of Google Trend in your business and how to use it to make proper and accurate depth psychology.

It, likewise, has another feature, which makes it different from any other tools. It gives you the current hot topics and hot searches in US that has helped you to make the post in your blog or assists to start a business in a very raging Niche.

As you open the Google Trend in your browser the very first page you see, give you the current hot topics and hot searches of the month.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

How to run MapleStory in Window7

MapleStory is an online RPG game. So much people like it so I decided to download this game. After installation, the game not runs in Window7 this makes me very angry. I ask to my friend for help but no one tell me about it. I search in search engines, and finally I figure out how to resolve this issue. So here is the solution for running MapleStory in Window7.
The only thing you need to do is to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 this is a requirement for this game. The problem is that company not includes Microsoft C++ in MapleStory installation.
 To install Microsoft Visual C++
1- Check it in Windows update and install from there.
2- If you're not found it in Windows update then download it for 32 bit window and for 64 bit window from Microsoft official site.
More troubleshooting steps
• Before running MapleStory you have to make sure that the game launcher is not set in compatible mode.
• Trying running the game as Administrator
After doing all this step if your game still not working then I recommended you to reinstall your game. Download game from here
Did this solution solve your problems, or you have a separate solution for these problems? Let's inform us in your comments.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Earn Money from Pay per Post

Pay Per Post Overview
Anyone who has a blog needs to earn some money from their blog and Pay per post is the best opportunity for them. Advertiser advertizes their production by paying blogger for per post and gets traffic and profits back links by expending some money.
On the other hand, bloggers earn some currency by creating post in their blogs. Pay per post is a very helpful platform both for advertiser and bloggers.
Tips for Bloggers
1-For Pay per Post your blog must have 30 days old and has minimal 20 to 25 regular posts. Your spot must be unique.
2-When your blog fulfilled the minimum requirement then you apply your blog in Pay per Post. It may approve within a week.
3- After approval, you start the claim project from an advertiser. When you get a duty assignment they give you a certain amount of time for completing your project. When submit your assignment it can be rejected or approved by advertiser.
4- After approving your work by advertiser per pay post transfer you commission through PayPal.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Google Analytic Overview

Google makes over life so easy. It gives us number of instruments which we employ in our net world. Google Analytic is one of them and the most important region is it is totally free of cost.
Every webmaster or the owner of site or web log must have been in motivation to get over his site. He necessitates to know, how must visitor visit his site? Are the content is illustrious for the readers? Are the keywords worked by rights? From which origin visitors come into a website? And many other heads have wanted to resolve in order to contact his indeed many desire goals.
For figuring out all above questions, Google gave us an answer with Google Analytic. Google Analytic is a tool which aids us to track our site in almost every expect.

Basic Features of Google Analytic
Google Analytic gives you a very brief overview on visitors. It tells you not only the visits but too the absolute unique visitor who is really significant for your website. Here are some significant accounts which you find under the visitors.
Absolute unique visitors
Absolute unique visitors are those visitors who are imposing your website at one on a selected date range. Most internet advertising companies are concerned in this type of visitors. More your website has unique visitors more favorable to the publicizing companies.
Page views
The numbers of pages are visited by visitors in your website.
Bonus Rate
Bonus rate is a measure for quantifying quality of traffic. It tells how long the visitors expended time in your site. Less bonus rate means that the visitor likes site content and expended favorable time in your site. Less bonus rate is good for your site.
Traffic Source
Traffic Source is a really significant feature of Google Analytic. It tells you how much visitors come into your site through search engines. It, Furthermore, tells about the traffic bring forth through coming to referring sites and most of the import report is a keyword.
In this report, you can find what the efficient keywords of your site are. How much traffic brings forth by a specific keyword.
In content, you instruct about your site top content, exit page and from which page visitors come in your site.
Therefore, if you have a website and not utilizing Google Analytic yet, you have to contact your webmaster for using Google Analytic, or you can start using yourself. It is too easy. Just paste Analytic code given by Google Analytic into your website html body and start tracking your site…

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yahoo Answer is a Best Way for Generating Traffic.

Yahoo answer is a most visited website in the World. It has a very high repute in the hearts of search engines like Google and Bing. Yahoo answer is a program in which people ask questions and the other people answer this question in their relevant landing field.

How do you increase your traffic?

The best part is you can use it to increase your site traffic. It is very easy to use, open yahoo answer, create your account and then go to advance search and type keyword related to your industry. By doing this you can find questions related to your airfield. Give the right answer as ask and in a resource box go away a link for your website or blog.

Benefit you get by giving an answer.

When you go forth a link of your website in a resource box you can get a back link and as you know, yahoo answer has a very high reputable site in the world its increased your site ranking.

There is a chance the person who asks the question visited in your site or more over maybe the other people visit the question, read your answer and visit your site. This practice brings forth a very huge traffic for your site.

You can sell your product by giving an answer. In your answer tell about your product, advertise your product and create your sales agreement.

Search engines like Google or Bing, index best answer immediately. If your answer goes to a best one it gives your site a very huge number of traffic.

Some tips for using the Yahoo answer.

When you reply to any question, you attain points and with more points more reliance you make in yahoo answer community. Therefore, when you’re going to use the yahoo answer pick out some questions, which are not related to your subject field, write proper answers and then select a question relevant to your industry and write your answer. By doing this your site should pick up more targeted traffic.

Things you must avoid.

Some people create more than one account in yahoo answer, login in yahoo answer and ask a question then by another account response that question and then login by another account and pick out their own answer as a best answer. However, after that when yahoo community traces this activity, blocks that person account. You must have to avoid such a type of practice.

While giving your answer you must have to avoid words like I recommended that, or I suggested that because this type of word is spamming in yahoo answer.

Using same URL in every answer is also a spamming and your account being blocked by yahoo community. You must have to avoid this activity normally new fellow does this exercise.